Active Transport


Today more than half of New Zealand primary school children are driven to and from school - that's nearly double the number from 10 years ago.

A School Travel Plan is developed by our WAVE School Travel Plan Co-ordinator, the School Community, New Zealand Police and Timaru District Council to establish safe options for school children travelling to and from school.

What WAVE can do

Support settings to develop School Travel Plans and address the following:

  • Safety - address and minimise concerns about road traffic danger for children travelling to/from school
  • Health & Fitness - make parents aware of the importanace of physical exercise for their children by encouraging walking, cycling scootering to/from school
  • Congestion - reduce the number of cars at the school gate therefore reducing congestion
  • Environmental Awareness - help enhance local environment, reduce pollution, improve air quality and save energy

Take a look at St Joseph's School Timaru case study about their School Travel Plan journey here



View and download the local cycle track maps in Adobe Acrobat pdf format here:


For further information on any other local cycle tracks, please contact:

Stacey Day - Community & Public Health

Ph:  (03) 687 2626