Oranga Niho / Oral Health

Also see the Oranga Niho / Oral Health Health Topic page to find out how WAVE can support your ECE/School with Oral Health.

For more information see:
- Community & Public Health - Looking after your teeth whatever the age
- Community & Public Health - Community Health Information Centre (CHIC) Oral Health resources
- World Oral Health Day - 20 March Campaign
- New Zealand Dental Association - Switch to Water Challenge
- Community Dental Service - Free dental care for eligible children living in Canterbury and South Canterbury
- Ministry of Health - How to care for teeth and gums
- Health Navigator - Looking after children's teeth
- Community Water Fluoridation - Facts of community water fluoridation
- Menemene Mai (Smile) - Early Childhood oral health toolkit for kaiako in Waitaha/Canterbury
- WAVE - WAVE Newsletter extracts - Health Focus on Oral Health

Posters and Leaflets:
5 Tips to Keep You Smiling (English, Te Reo Māori, Samoan, Tongan, Cook Island Māori, Tokelauan)
Healthy Snacks for Healthy Teeth
It's easy to protect your family's smile
Tooth Tips for mums-to-be - during pregnancy
Tooth Tips for babies - around 6 months
Tooth Tips for babies and children - covers all age groups from 0-5 years
Tooth Tips for toddlers and young children - 1-3 year olds
Tooth Tips for young children - for children around 4 years



Toothbrushing Guidelines

For ECE/Schools to start their own daily toothbrushing programme.

Download Toothbrushing Guidelines

Water-only School Toolkit (Water and Plain Milk Only)

By adopting a water-only policy, whereby water and low-fat plain milk are the only drinks available at your ECE/school, you are taking a positive step towards improving the health and behaviour of your students.

Download Water-only Schools Toolkit 

Colgate® Bright Smiles, Bright Futures™

The Colgate® Bright Smiles, Bright Futures™ programme is a free programme designed to teach children the importance of good oral hygiene.  The education kits are developed by teachers, dental professionals and local cultural experts to help provide the best oral hygiene education for kids between the ages of 3-9.

Order your free kit from Colgate® Bright Smiles, Bright Futures™



Children's Teeth: Frank Film

Click here to view the recent Frank Film about children's teeth, which also features the Arowhenua Māori School toothbrushing programme.