From conception to 25 years, the developing brain is more susceptible to the harmful effects of alcohol.

Recent research demonstrates that there are no health benefits to consuming alcohol and all health risks increase with usage.

57% of secondary school students have tried alcohol and 18% consume alcohol weekly. Most of these students are supplied alcohol by their parents.

The 2012 legislation changes mean that if parents and guardians give alcohol to their under 18-year olds they must provide supervision.

What WAVE can do:

  • Provide advice and support for the development of alcohol policies for settings to meet their legal requirements and responsibilities
  • Arrange a speaker to present to parent groups, school age groups, or a combination of both


School Alcohol Policy

The following guide provides information for developing an alcohol policy for your school or educational facility.  Having an alcohol policy means everyone is clear about the use of alcohol on your premises or at school events.

School Alcohol Policies 2015