Physical Activity

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Recent research reveals nearly half (46%) of New Zealand children are not playing actively every day. [1]

Students gain more benefit from physical activity if they have opportunities to be active at regular times during the day.

There is a strong correlation between being physically active as a student and being physically active in adulthood.

Academic performance is improved by regular participation in physical activity.

What WAVE can do:

  • Encourage physical activity opportunities in other parts of the curriculum
  • Develop resources and guidelines to increase physical activity
  • Identify ways of making it easier for the setting community to be involved in physical activity
  • Support settings to connect with community physical activity/sport organisations and clubs
  • Increase awareness and knowledge of the importance of being physically active for staff, students, and the wider community

[1] Schofield, G. (2012). The New Zealand state of play report. Wellington, New Zealand.