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The risk of student smoking if both parents smoke is almost seven times greater compared to the risk of a student whose parents do not smoke. Even having just one parent who smokes, triples the risk of a student being a daily smoker. [1]

Education settings have a place to play in role modelling smokefree behaviour, and the earlier we can role-model smokefree lifestyles and environments to young people, the less likely they are to be smokers.  With the government's goal of a Smokefree New Zealand by 2025 we all have a role to play in helping reach this target.

The average age of uptake for smoking in New Zealand is 14 years old, with young people commonly experimenting with smoking when aged 12–13 years.

What WAVE can do:

  • Support students, parents and wider setting community to access support to quit smoking
  • Assistance with policy development and guidelines for addressing and managing smoking behaviour
  • Encourage adults to role model and influence smokefree environments for our students
  • Assistance with creating an action plan on Somkefree and work with settings to identify and implement smokefree actions and help with achieving your settings WAVE Awards Smokefree icon
  • Professional development for staff focusing on smokefree



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