About WAVE

WAVE stands for "Well-being and Vitality in Education". The wording of the name illustrates the link between health and education.

WAVE is a framework for intersectoral work aimed at creating and supporting healthier environments for children and young people in South Canterbury. We support, co- ordinate and enhance health promotion activities within education settings, ranging from Early Childhood through to Tertiary providers. WAVE builds on the strengths of the Health Promoting Schools framework and incorporates the "Whole of Setting" approach.

The aims of WAVE are to

  • Support young people and their families in developing healthy behaviours
  • Support settings to develop sustainable approaches to promoting the health and well-being of staff and students
  • Help raise pupil achievement in education
  • Work in collaboration with key partners and community groups to meet the needs of the settings
  • Reduce health inequalities
  • Support Maori cultural values and practices for improved outcomes for tamariki rangatahi and their whanau



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