Environment / Taiao

Taiao / Environment includes:  Māra Kai, Whakaukatanga, Āhuarangi Ora Gardening, Sustainability, Climate Change

Māra Kai / Gardening

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Timaru District Council – Free Compost

Timaru District Council has free compost available for all Timaru district early childhood centres and schools.

Contact the Timaru District Council, Phone (03) 687 7200

5+ A Day Education - Fruit and vegetables in the classroom

The 5+ A Day Charitable Trust have developed free teaching resources for ECE, primary, intermediate and secondary schools.  Their extensive range includes both print and digital materials that focus on eating a healthy diet, including plenty of seasonal fruit and vegetables, and growing your own fresh vegetables.

The ECE resources are based around the principles of Te Whāriki, the early childhood curriculum, and the primary/secondary school resources link to the New Zealand Curriculum, supporting Health and Physical Education, Literacy, Numeracy, and Science through practical learning experiences.

Visit 5adayeducation.org.nz

Sustainable Edible Gardens in Education Settings

Guidelines, tips and suggestions to ensure sustainable edible gardens in education settings.  Designed to assist teachers to develop successful and sustainable edible gardens in schools and early childhood education services.

Pick up a free copy from your WAVE facilitator or visit our office at Community & Public Health, WAVE, 18 Woollcombe Street, Timaru.
Or you can order a copy online from Community & Public Health.

Kids’ Edible Garden – a growing guide for ECE and school teachers

This resource guide has been developed to help ECE and school teachers have a clearer understanding of what the garden project is about so that it can be more integrated into your programme.  There are two guides – one for ECE and one for schools.

Pick up a free copy from your WAVE facilitator or visit our office at Community & Public Health, WAVE, 18 Woollcombe Street, Timaru.


Whakaukatanga / Sustainability

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Environment Canterbury (ECAN)

ECAN’s programmes and resources have been developed by a team of educators to align with the New Zealand curriculum. That means it’s easier for you to incorporate sustainable thinking and activities into your teaching.  They are available to deliver their programmes in your classroom or simply provide advice for you to best utilise their resources.

Visit  ECAN - Education Programmes 

Recycling NZ

Teachers, children and parents can have fun learning about how recycling improves the environment and provides a path to sustainable living.  Find downloadable stickers and posters, various teaching aids, and some neat videos that have been selected for youth learning.

Visit recycle.co.nz


Paper4trees is a waste minimisation and tree planting programme for NZ schools and preschools.  They have a range of resources available to support your waste minimisation activities.  As an incentive to divert as much paper and cardboard from landfill as possible, we reward each school with one native tree/plant for every two cubic metres of paper and cardboard recycled.

Visit paper4trees.co.nz 

One Planet New Zealand

Sustainability education is a core component of developing environmental empathy in our young people.  We believe it is important to provide children with the background and understanding to global issues, provide skills to implement sustainable behaviours and empower them to see that their actions can have a positive impact.

One Planet has launched primary and secondary school lesson plans focusing on waste reduction and recycling.

Visit oneplant.co.nz 

Department of Conservation (DOC)

Conservation Education:  Find resources to support conservation teaching and learning, and DOC supported education programmes you can get involved in.  Conservation Education

Conservation Activities:  Find activities you can do outdoors, in your garden and with children. Nature Activities for Families at Home

Visit doc.govt.nz/get-involved 


Āhuarangi Ora / Climate Change

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Climate Change Learning Programme

Wellbeing Guide:  The Climate Change Wellbeing Guide has been developed to provide teachers with background information and tailored resources to help them navigate the delivery of climate change scientific content, whilst maintaining the wellbeing/hauora of students.

Teacher Resource Years 7-10:  This level 4 programme aims to:  increase awareness of climate change and explain the role science plays in understanding it; understand both the response to and impacts of climate change – globally, nationally and locally; explore and act on opportunities to contribute to reducing and adapting to the impact of climate change on everyday life.

Visit nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz