Sexual Health / Hauora Taihema

Also see the Sexual Health Health Topic page to find out how WAVE can support your ECE/School with Sexual Health education.

For more information see:
- Community & Public Health - Promoting positive and responsible sexual health
- Community & Public Health - Community Health Information Centre (CHIC) Sexual Health resources
- Community & Public Health - Community Health Information Centre (CHIC) Gay & Lesbian Health resources
- Education Review Office (ERO) - Promoting wellbeing through education
- Family Planning Association - Sexual Health resources
- Just the Facts - Aims to provide simple, up to date information about STIs and related issues
- The Light Project - Equipping young people, their whānau and communities to positively navigate the new porn landscape.
- Office of Film & Literature Classification - Talking with young people about what they're watching
- Netsafe - Practical tools, support and advice for managing online challenges


New Zealand Health Education Association (NZHEA)

NZHEA is an incorporated society that represents the interests of Health Education teachers in Aotearoa.

Visit NZHEA for Sexuality Education resources.
Visit NZHEA for 'Teaching and learning about pornography in health education (for students in years 9-13)'.

Ministry of Education

Sexuality education is one of seven key areas of learning in the health and physical education learning area of the New Zealand Curriculum. Schools are expected to include sexuality education in their teaching programmes, guided by the achievement objectives outlined in the curriculum. The materials provides are for teachers and students which are designed to support schools to develop and implement their sexuality education programmes. 


Ministry of Education
Relationships and Sexuality Education:  A guide for teachers, leaders and boards of trustees

'Relationships and Sexuality Education: A guide for teachers, leaders, and boards of trustees' focuses on healthy and respectful relationships as being essential to student wellbeing.  This resource has been refreshed in response to the 2018 Education Review Office report into sexuality education in schools, Promoting Wellbeing through Sexuality Education. 


Family Planning Association
Navigating the Journey:  Sexuality Education (Years 1-10)

This is a relationship and sexuality education resource developed for teachers of students from Year 1 through to Year 10.  It provides curriculum aligned learning activities, supplementary teaching materials, extension and alternate year activities to meet the NZ Health and PE Standards.

Visit to purchase these resource

YMCA South Canterbury - Resiliency Toolkit

Through the YMCA's Resiliency Toolkit they are working ‘at the top of the cliff’ with 14-18 year olds in secondary schools across the region to build important life skills in stress management, decision-making around alcohol and drugs, healthy relationships, cybersafety and peer mentoring.


Mates and Dates

Mates & Dates is a programme that helps young people have healthy and happy relationships; all kinds of relationships, including family and friends. It also covers consent and identifying potentially harmful situations.  Mates & Dates is being taught in secondary schools by the YMCA Mid and South Canterbury team.



Qtopia provides support for rainbow young people in the wider Waitaha Canterbury area through their youth groups, whānau support and resources.  They also run diversity and inclusion workshops for schools, workplaces and community.



InsideOUT works to give rainbow young people in Aotearoa New Zealand a sense of safety and belonging in their schools and communities.  They are a national charity providing resources, information, workshops, consulting and support for anything concerning rainbow or LGBTQIA+ issues and education for schools, workplaces and community organisations.



RainbowYOUTH provides support and a number of services for queer and gender diverse youth and their wider NZ communities.  The have resources for use in schools, as well as recommendations of other groups and resources from local and international organisations.

Visit RainbowYOUTH

Te Aitanga a Tiki:  Māori dimensions of sexuality

Te Aitanga a Tiki:  Māori dimensions of sexuality contains resources such as pūrākau (stories), waiata and mōteatea (traditional chants). The collection is designed to provide teachers and health promoters in schools, kura and communities with resources on Māori approaches to sexuality education for rangatahi Māori (Māori young people).

Visit:  Te Whāriki Takapou