Whakaipurangi o Ngāru / WAVE Resource Centre

Welcome to the WAVE online resource catalogue.  You can search by resource category using the links on this page, or you can make a more specific search by using the search boxes displayed at the top of each page. 

To make a booking for a resource you must be logged in.  If you have forgotten your login details you can retrieve them here

WAVE Resource Centre location and hours of operation

Pickup and drop-off times are by arrangement. Please call 03 687 2606 or talk with your WAVE facilitator.

​The WAVE Resource Centre is based at 18 Woollcombe Street in Timaru. Please use the front entrance and go through the double-doors to your right. Ring the buzzer of the WAVE | Community and Public Health door.

Map showing the location of the WAVE Resource Centre at Te Mana Ora at 18 Woollcombe Street in Timaru.


WAVE Resource Centre terms and conditions of use

The WAVE Resource Centre processes have been updated due to COVID-19.

The WAVE Resource Centre could be closed at any time due to risk associated with the loaning of resources or a change in staff capacity.

Booking Conditions

  1. Bookings and movement of resources in the Resource Centre is handled by the WAVE Administrator or a designated person.
  2. Resources are only available for collection on the first Monday of the month.
  3. Resources must be returned on the third Friday of the month.
  4. Resources are collected from and returned to the front entrance of the Community and Public Health | Te Mana Ora office.
  5. The Education Setting collects and returns all resources.
  6. When collecting or returning, use good hand hygiene before and after touching resources by washing your hands with soap and water (for at least 20 seconds) and dry thoroughly or use an alcohol-based sanitiser and rub hands together if soap and water is unavailable.
  7. The Education Setting is responsible for caring for resources while in their possession and ensuring they are in a clean condition before they are returned to WAVE.

Our standards conditions remain the same:

I agree to accept all liability charges incurred by borrowing items. I agree to accept and be bound by the terms and conditions of borrowing items made available from the WAVE Resource Pool.


  1. To use the resource[s] in the context of an event[s] or activity that supports healthy environments (including healthy eating and being Smokefree).
  2. Alcohol and smoking are not permitted in or near all WAVE resources and events.
  3. To collect and return items within the agreed timeframe in an undamaged condition. If any items are damaged or missing, the borrower will be charged replacement costs (charges do not apply to general wear and tear).
  4. To accept liability for items borrowed from the WAVE Resource Centre until such items are returned.
  5. To return items in a clean state and in storage bag/pack provided.
  6. I acknowledge I am responsible for specifying the collection and return times when booking resource/s.
  7. To accept responsibility for ensuring the health and safety of users of the resource.

These terms and conditions are subject to occasional review, and possible revision, by the WAVE South Canterbury Resource Centre.


Reviewed and Updated:  August 2020