Sexual Health

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‘One in five New Zealanders 13 years or younger report having had sexual intercourse.’ [1]

Only a small part of healthy sexuality is about what happens physically. Equally important is our ability to manage relationships and our feelings.

Positive sexuality is fundamental to our sense of self, self-esteem and ability to lead a fulfilling life.

A whole setting approach to sexual health should consider the attitudes, culture, values and diversity of individuals, families and the wider community.

What WAVE can do:

  • Support a whole setting approach to the development of positive sexuality, friendships and relationships
  • Provide advice and age-appropriate resources to support curriculum content delivery
  • Organise professional development to support delivery of sexuality education
  • Develop and/or review sexuality-related policies and guidelines
  • Provide guidance for community and parental consultation processes

[1] Adolescent Health Research Group, (2008). Youth’07: The Health and Wellbeing of Secondary School Students in New Zealand. Initial Findings. Auckland: The University of Auckland.