Mental Wellbeing

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Success in education is associated with positive outcomes for the student in the short and long term, whereas disengagement from education is associated with long term social exclusion and poor mental health outcomes.

Three key factors which foster resilience in young people are caring relationships, high but achievable expectations, and opportunities to participate in their families, school or community. [1]

Providing a safe and inclusive learning environment is paramount to successful learning outcomes and engagement and retention in education.

In committing to promoting healthy minds in children and young people, education settings also help to foster satisfaction, success and engagement in all aspects of their students’ lives.

What WAVE can do:

  • Support you to gather evidence about your setting’s mental health priorities
  • Work with you to provide a safe, caring and supportive environment
  • Develop and/or review behavioural policies and guidelines
  • Provide guidance and resources to support student and staff mental health and wellbeing
  • Provide mental health and wellbeing professional development
  • Provide advice and resources to promote and support a focus on positive mental health and wellbeing across the curriculum


Useful links and downloads

We have various toolkits, programmes and useful links that you can access to help with your investigation into Mental Wellbeing.


[1] Benard, B. (2004). Turning the corner: From risk to resilience. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota.