Alcohol Harm Reduction / Wakaheke ā Whakahaumaru

Also see the Wakaheke ā Whakahaumaru / Alcohol Harm Reduction Health Topic page to find out how WAVE can support your ECE/School with Alcohol Harm Reduction.

For more information see:
- Community & Public Health - Helping reducing harm from alcohol
- Community & Public Health - Community Health Information Centre (CHIC) alcohol related resources
- - Information, advice, research and resources to help prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm
- SADD - Students Against Drunk Driving - Empowering young kiwis to prevent loss on our roads
- Drug Foundation - Discussion guide:  Preparing students to live in a world where alcohol and drugs exist
- Drug Foundation - Healthy Approaches to addressing alcohol and other drugs in schools
- Nathan Wallis - RNZ Radio Interview on Teenage Drinking


School Alcohol Policy

This guide provides information for developing an alcohol policy for your school or educational facility.  Having an alcohol policy means everyone is clear about the use of alcohol on your premises or at school events.

Download the School Alcohol Policy

Alcohol and your teenager

This is a resource from WAVE which provides parents and caregivers with clear information regarding alcohol and young people.  It also outlines responsibilities of parents and caregivers under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.  The information leaflets are available in hard copy which schools can access via their WAVE Facilitator.

Download Alcohol and your teenager

Tūturu Programme

Tūturu have developed a wide range of programmes and resources which were established through a whole-school approach. These are all evidence based to ensure effectiveness and sustainability, and is overseen by a governance group that includes representatives from the Ministries of Education and Health, the Health Promotion Agency and NZ Police.  Tūturu have developed resources to help you as a school engage with parents and the local community when introducing or restructuring an alcohol harm reduction approach.


Alcohol and Other Drugs

New Zealand Health Education Association (NZHEA) have a resource for teaching and learning activities for teachers of students in Years 9-13.  The resource covers all drugs.  Some activities by their nature are alcohol specific, but many of the teaching and learning processes can be applied to any drugs, requiring only a change in the scenario or drug context.

Visit to download