Oral Health

Also see the Oral Health Health Priority Areas page to find out how WAVE can support your ECE/School with Oral Health.

For more information see:
- Community & Public Health - Looking after your teeth whatever the age
- Community & Public Health - Community Health Information Centre (CHIC) Oral Health resources
- World Oral Health Day - 20 March Campaign
- New Zealand Dental Association - Switch to Water Challenge
- Community Dental Service - Free dental care for eligible children living in Canterbury and South Canterbury
- Lets Talk Teeth - Caring for baby teeth, Ministry of Health
- Ministry of Health - How to care for teeth and gums
- Health Navigator - Looking after children's teeth
- Community Water Fluoridation - Facts of community water fluoridation
- Refill NZ - Free water on the go
- WAVE - WAVE Newsletter extracts - Health Focus on Oral Health


Water-only School Toolkit (Water and Plain Milk Only)

By adopting a water-only policy, whereby water and low-fat plain milk are the only drinks available at your ECE/school, you are taking a positive step towards improving the health and behaviour of your students.

Click here to download.

Menemene Mai (Smile)

This Early Childhood oral health toolkit if for kaiako in Waitaha/Canterbury.  Here you’ll find activity sheets, strategies, information about tools, key messages, brochures and posters to assist you in your inquiry process.

Follow the link here to Community & Public Health's website.

The Happy Tooth Book/Te Pukapuka Oranga Niho

This book is available in our WAVE Resource Centre for you to borrow.  You can also purchase your own copy from maree.lamerton@northlanddhb.org.nz