Also see the Smokefree Health Topic page to find out how WAVE can support your ECE/School with being Smokefree.

For more information see:
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- The Fresh Air Project - Mackenzie District
- - Smokefree by 2025
- Kick Ash - South Canterbury District Health Board's local smoking cessation support
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- Quitline - If you are ready to quit smoking, Quitline can support you with a plan designed to help you beat the smoking addiction.
- WAVE - WAVE Newsletter extracts - Health Focus on Smokefree


Little Lungs - Pūkahukahu Iti

Supporting and advocating for Smokefree environments for our tamariki
This programme provides simple ideas for confidently delivering smokefree messages to parents and caregivers, tools for ECE to promote smokefree environments, smokefree resources relevant to early childhood, and on-going support to develop a smokefree action plan.

Contact your WAVE Facilitator for more information.

Smokefree at Schools

A smokefree school involves the whole school community. When parents, whānau and staff are working together with a shared understanding of what keeps young people smokefree, it increases young people’s chance of remaining smokefree for life. 

The "Our Smokefree School/He Kura Auahi Kore:  A Practical Guide to Being a Smokefree Community" is designed to support schools to embrace the smokefree kaupapa. The resource will help you to gather information so that you can understand the issue your community faces and plan an ongoing smokefree initiative that will meet your school’s particular needs.