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SunSmart Learning Programme - Curriculum Resources

Sun exposure throughout your life greatly increases the chances of developing skin cancer.  The teaching plans, activities and resources in the SunSmart Learning Programme are fully downloadable.  These resources (written by educational experts) are provided to help teachers to easily add SunSmart teaching to their teaching and learning programmes.  They are also designed for Levels 1-4 of the New Zealand Curriculum and are cross-curricula: covering numeracy, literacy, health and science learning. They are Inquiry-based and can be used to assess National Standards. The resources also help Schools become SunSmart accredited.

These resources can also be adapted for use in Early Childhood settings.  For more information, see your WAVE Facilitator.


SunSmart Schools Programme - How to become a SunSmart School

The SunSmart Schools Programme provides accreditation by the Cancer Society of New Zealand for New Zealand schools that have developed and implemented a sun protection policy for Terms 1and 4.  The purpose of the programme is to promote comprehensive sun protection policies and practices in schools to reduce children's exposure to UV radiation and their risk of skin cancer.


Undercover Cody

Undercover Cody was created by the Waikato/Bay of Plenty Cancer Society.  This programme has some really fun and effective teaching resources that are available for early childhood services and schools to use as part of their SunSmart curriculum.

Visit out WAVE Resource Centre to borrow this resource

SunSmart Module For Educations - Online Professional Development

This is an online Professional Development training module for Early Childhood Education staff.  This module has four units to help you learn about UV radiation and sun protection in New Zealand.

Visit:  SunSmart Module for Educators


You can check UV data for your location using the UVNZ app.  UVNZ is freely available for iPhone and Android.  It uses new data feeds from NIWA and is supported by the Cancer Society of New Zealand.  Use this app in your early childhood centre or school.

Visit to download the app.