Manawatia a Matariki

Manawatia a Matariki

Matariki Karakia booklet

In midwinter, when Matariki appears on the Eastern horizon in the morning, the Matariki ceremony takes place. this ceremony is commonly known as 'whāngai i te hautapa', meaning to offer food to the stars. This practice involves the 'umu kohukohu whetū' - a steamy earth oven for the stars. Traditionally, food was gathered from different parts of the enviroment, cooked in an earth oven and uncovered when Matariki was seen. The steam would rise into the sky, feeding Matariki and opening the Māori New Year.

This booklet is a series of karakia - 'incantations'- to honour the rising of Matariki and celebrate the Māori New Year

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